Krissy’s Bio



Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting my site! 

As you know my name is Krissy Summers. I chose to take an unusual path to Dennis Hof’s world famous Bunnyranch in 2013. I am a former University of Michigan cheerleader, receiving a double major in public relations and business, and a minor in theater. In significant school debt and unable to pay off my student loans, I decided to come up with a unique plan to pay off my student loans and that’s where The Bunnyranch comes in. I paid off my school loans in just 3 months! Pretty amazing, right?

So what was my life like prior to my Bunnyranch days? Well, I am one of six siblings and I grew up doing gymnastics all my life. I grew up in Michigan in a very small country town on a little dirt road actually. Believe it or not, I was actually a very shy, quiet church girl growing up. When I wasn’t reading books or studying, I was at church memorizing Bible verses and going on church mission trips. I grew up being told to wait to have sex until I was married, which led me to wear a purity ring. That is, until I turned 19. I met a preacher’s son and after 8 months of dating, I lost my virginity. Yes, that’s right. I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 19 years old.

So how does a nice, Christian girl like myself end up at The Bunnyranch? Well, I’m still a nice girl and there were no other reasons for me to go there than my school loans. Well, wait a minute. I did have just a little crush on Dennis Hof when I was a teenager, watching him on HBO’s Cathouse, however, I never thought I’d actually meet him.

Now, that my goal of paying of my loans are accomplished I am now 16 months shy of receiving my Doctorate Degree in human sexuality at “The¬†Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.” Currently I am working on completing my doctorate and working alongside lobbyist George Flynt of the Nevada’s legislature to assist in promoting the profession that made me so successful in accomplishing my goals! I look forward to obtaining my degree and helping people with their sexual issues. My passion is to also help young women and underage girls that have been sex trafficked.